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Intellectual property

All peer-reviewed published material is protected by copyright

We will help ensure that you are using copyrighted materials in a legal manner. Translating, copying, printing, creating derivative works or distributing the content of a paper without obtaining the correct license is illegal and deprives the copyright holder of their rights to commercialisation. 

 Our team of permissions professionals help you navigate the different copyright licenses and ensure that you are using all the materials in a copyright compliant, legal manner.

Requesting Permissions

Are all published articles covered by copyright?

Yes. All articles are covered by copyright. Each publisher has a different copyright license but most of them require you to purchase a license in order to use their materials for any commercial activities. 


When do I need to ask for a license?

If you wish to use the material for any commercial activities (in part or in full) such as:

  • Conferences, email campaigns, websites or distribution to physicians.
  • Summaries which include re-use of an image, a table, a graph, or an abstract at a conference.


What about Open Access isn’t that free?

Open Access enables researchers to read articles from the moment of publication or close to it. There are a number of different Open Access licenses that limit how the article may be used however. The majority of licenses do not allow for commercial (NC in a license) use or to create derivative works (ND in a license). In fact, less than 10% of the published peer-reviewed literature has a license that allows 3rd  party commercialisation without a license.

We can help you understand the complex maze of copyright and make sure that you have the right permissions to re-use the works.