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The Beginning

Content Ed Net was founded by William Dolben in Madrid in 2002.

After 15 years working in pharmaceutical sales & marketing and then medical publishing, William sought to give medium sized publishers and societies the same geographical reach as the largest publishers and to make it easy for the global pharmaceutical industry to source high quality scientific content around the world. Since 2002 we have delivered over 50,000 reprint and e-print projects in over 90 countries.


Medical Writing

In 2005, Dr Steve Clissold joined us to lead the medical editorial services group.

Content Ed Net actively assists Health care professionals, societies and pharmaceutical companies to publish research in international journals. Our writers and editors have provided manuscript assistance to over 1700 peer-reviewed published articles. It is estimated that around half of local clinical studies are not published. Reasons include the lack of local medical writing support, difficulties with English and a lack of understanding of the international publishing process. Content Ed Net provides local support and training to make it easier for physicians to publish their research internationally while reducing the publication bias of non-publication.

The Content Ed Net medical writing team are all ISMPP accredited.


Content Ed Net has the most extensive office network of any healthcare communication provider with 40 physical offices and 36 companies in 31 countries.

Our companies are all legal entities which can employ, invoice with local taxes, contract services and pay locally in a tax-compliant and efficient way.  Many of our clients benefit from Content Ed Net’s ability to invoice locally as this reduces administration costs (internal recharges).

Content Ed Net’s philosophy is to combine the best of global and local expertise to provide a truly global solution to our clients. The effects of the COVID19 pandemic and Brexit have proven the need for companies to support local economies and clients by approaching taxation responsibly and minimizing trade disruption. Our global network allows us to buy globally and source locally – reducing customs costs and delays as well as our carbon footprint. Content Ed Net is also committed to local invoicing to ensure that taxes are paid in the country of consumption.