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Local Publications

We offer global, regional and local publication management solutions

Pharmaceutical Companies across the world need local publications for their regional and country-wide medical communication campaigns. Content Ed Net addresses this need through its global network of offices.

Our local experts are on hand to propose, develop and deliver successful campaigns to support your communication plans – in whichever language you require.

Our aim is always to disseminate information creatively and effectively in line with our clients’ needs and those of local healthcare professionals. Our teams are more than Editors. They consult and advise at each stage of the process – from medical content through to editorial production, from first concept to final submission.

Publishing Solutions

We conceptualise ideas and create materials - such as local editions, books, monographs and summaries - based on a firm understanding of regulatory guidelines and strong local knowledge and insights.

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Scientific coverage of national and international congresses

Our experienced teams of medical writers attend national and international congresses to keep abreast of developments and provide written coverage of sessions and key events.

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