Writing and publishing scientific articles

Key information for preparing and publishing peer-reviewed articles:

  • Introduction to Real World Evidence
  • Publications in Real World Evidence
  • How to read a Cochrane review
  • How to read and understand meta-analysis
  • Development of clinical practice guides: introduction to the GRADE methodology

Reading and understanding the published literature

Critical reading of scientific articles

  • Bibliographic search: from theory to practice
  • PubMed Tutorial
  • Management of bibliographic references for doctors
  • Keys to scientific publication in congresses
  • From publications in congresses to publications in peer-reviewed journals


Physician Education

Educational platforms for healthcare professionals

In today’s fast-paced world with its demandingly high education standards, it is expected that health care professionals continuously develop and refine their skills through lifelong learning. Content Ed Net can help you build targeted learning programmes that both incorporate the latest research and meet the educational needs of your local market. We provide content and systems to allow:

  • Controlled access
  • Flexibility in terms of content presentation
  • Self-assessment systems
  • Evaluation: by modules or complete course, with single or random exam
  • Download online diplomas
  • Monitoring: course progress, content display programming
  • Statistics