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Website and Apps

Your website might be the first time your audience interacts with your product and, first impressions count! We build landing pages, microsites, websites, and apps which help you engage better with your physician and patient audiences.

We work with you to understand your strategic need, SEO and information architecture requirements, and then build attractive responsive sites. Combined with the right content these will help maximise your online presence, generate traffic and increase awareness.

Custom Content

From web content, blogs, to peer-reviewed published articles our writing teams can you develop powerful, audience specific marketing and medical education materials.

Engagement doesn’t stop with the written word, online engagement is enhanced many times over by using infographics, videos, podcasts etc. Our teams can help you plan and execute your online digital content strategy.

E-Prints, Libraries and Collections

E-Prints are electronic versions of a peer-reviewed medical article. ePrints are provided  as URL links: e.g.

A small library or collection of e-print articles can be used to give further details and background to a key article, such as results from phase I and II trials to support your phase III results.