The greatest challenge for a publishing advertising sales team based in a single territory is ensuring that a client located elsewhere is aware of the journals, digital platform or service that is right for the clients product.  

Attempting to reach out to international clients at the time when they want to advertise and presenting the right solution for their needs can be imprecise and inefficient. 

Advertising sales representation services are available to:  

  • Medical societies publishing a single journal 
  • Small to medium sized publishers operating within a specific therapy area 
  • Publishers of multiple journals across multiple therapy areas 

Drawing on the coverage available through the Content Ed Net network of offices and contacts across the globe within pharmaceutical companies we have access to potential revenue streams that may be out of reach to sales teams based in central office locations.  

As part of the representation service we can:  

  • Consult on latest digital advertising requirements  
  • Advise on regulatory requirements for publishers and advertisers within specific regions  
  • Develop media ‘kits’ detailing audience reach, advertising opportunities and pricing structure, discounts and promotions 
  • Promote advertising to a global network of pharmaceutical and pharma agency clients  
  • Advertising copy delivery and management 
  • Liaise with existing in house ad operations/production teams 
  • Invoice in local currency and collect revenue on behalf of the publisher 
  • Provide regular sales and market assessment reports