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Peer-Reviewed articles - connect with physicians using non-promotional materials

Basic science and clinical research articles from the peer-reviewed literature are the gold-standard in evidence. Results from published clinical trials or real-world evidence are the best means to support your medical or marketing messages.

We specialize in identifying, disseminating and protecting medical content from the journals. Our full-service global reprint and e-print operation is second to none in terms of reach and focus. Through our worldwide network of offices we guarantee maximum flexibility and reliability – whenever and however you need the articles. Optimum cost-effectiveness is always our goal.

What we deliver

We deliver both hard copy reprints and electronic prints (e-prints), permitting different delivery options to support your campaign plans. We also provide small targeted collections of articles in libraries or collections to help you achieve your wider educational goals.

We are the largest independent supplier of medical reprints, with exclusive multiple language reprint and e-print rights to over 1000 journals. We also source rights and reprints from hundreds of non-exclusive journals. Our bibliographic team read and assess the most recently published articles daily to ensure you receive the most timely and relevant reprint alert service.

Aggregation services

For global or regional launch campaigns, centralised purchasing enables you to provide all affiliates with a cost-effective method to obtain their reprints or e-prints, particularly beneficial in countries or regions with smaller physician populations.

We offer an unparalleled capability to organize centrally using our dedicated Reprint Aggregation Portal. We manage the process and production and bill and deliver to you locally. It is a hassle-free formula that cuts cost and reduces overheads.

Our advantage

Our unique combination of country alignment and content access provide all the structure and resources we need to meet your goals

We lower costs, reduce risks and provide greater reliability through our:

  • Local expertise to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective method of production
  • Local printers and distributors to ensure timely delivery
  • Local regulatory environment knowledge to ensure compliance
  • Local providers operating in your language, in your time zone, understanding your needs