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Support for Your Scientific Presentations

We help your Key-Opinion-Leaders, internal medical staff and marketing department to communicate scientific information clearly and accurately through a range of presentation formats and media

Whether you require support for training programmes, lectures, internal or external meetings, workshops, or any other event, we have expert teams available to assist

  • Scientific Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote etc)
  • Scientific Posters
  • Congress Abstracts
  • Print and digital information brochures and documents


See our Physician Engagement plans for additional details on the set-up and management of your meetings.


Once the meeting is over

Enduring Publications - extending the value of your meeting

To help ensure that your meetings continue to resonate with the participants and with non-attendees once the event has closed we work with you to generate enduring publications.

We work with you in advance to tailor a support package that meets your needs, whether country and language specific or at international level. Our core services include: 

  • Interviews
  • Meeting reports
  • Peer-reviewed articles.